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Processing Times

If you would like to find out the status of your case or would like to see the Processing Dates for Applications and Petitions pending at USCIS, please click here . You will be redirected to the USCIS Case Status Service Online. Here you also have the ability of enrolling to receive automatic updates via email.

Case status : This allows you to look up your particular case and see the last action taken by USCIS. Click here

Processing times : This allows you to see how long USCIS is taking to process particular applications. Select the office that is adjudicating your application/pending, look down the list for your application/form number, and to the right you will find a date. This means they are currently processing cases received at their office on or before this date. Click here

The three pieces of information you will need are found on the I-797 Notice of Action or Receipt issued by USCIS when they received the fee for your pending application.

Receipt number is found at the top left of your receipt will be a number preceded by three letters representing the particular USCIS office processing your case. TSC (Texas Service Center), or CSC (California Service Center), or NSC (Nebraska Service Center), or VSC (Vermont Service Center), or NBC (National Benefits Center in Missouri).

Case type (Application or form number) is found in the right side. Examples are I-765 for application for employment application, I-140 Petition for Alien Worker, etc.

Received date : This is the date that particular USCIS office logged the case into their system, even if it was received earlier. Use this date when looking at processing times to see if they have reached cases filed on or before your “received date”.

If you should have any questions, please contact our office at any time.

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