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Office consultation – You may schedule an office consultation at your convenience by phoning 305-672-8572 or emailing or The charge is $150 paid in advance of the meeting.  Please send a copy of a detailed resume if you wish to discuss your immigration options, copy of passport, visas, and any other relevant information you wish to discuss.

SKYPE consultation – You may arrange a SKYPE consultation if you are not in the Miami area.   The rate is the same as noted above, and must be paid in advance of the scheduled date/time.  Michael Work’s SKYPE address is michaellwork and we ask that you send your SKYPE address in advance to ensure a connection prior to the scheduled appointment.

Review of existing file and documentation – Many individuals wish to hire Michael Work to review an existing file, offer a second opinion about a case, or offer a legal opinion after reviewing extensive documentation meant to establish your eligibility as a person with extraordinary abilities. Due to the amount of time this requires, a fee of $250 is required. Upon contact, a file can be opened and an invoice sent to allow you to pay by credit card on line, or you can forward a check payable to “Law Offices of Michael L. Work” for $250 with the following documentation:

  1. Detailed resume.
  2. Copies of all documentation to confirm your successes in your field including articles, awards, certificates, letters of reference, contracts for substantial fees, and other related documentation already in your possession.
  3. Complete copy of passports and I-94 forms of principal and all dependents.
  4. Copies of all forms and documentation already filed with Immigration /USCIS, and copies of receipts and decisions to date whether for nonimmigrant or immigrant processing.
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